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Home control at the touch of a button

It might seem like a scene from a Back to the Future movie, but home automation (smart homes) has arrived and is easily accessible for today’s homes. Smart homes help to set the right atmosphere in your home or a particular room at the push of a button, and offer you the ability to control your home remotely by using modern devices, such as smart phones and tablets.

Wiser Home Control lets you use these devices for seamless control of lighting, blinds, music, air conditioning, watering systems, security and more.

Wiser Home Control Benefits:

–       24/7 connectivity to your home (remote access), ideal for when you are away on holiday

–       Simple and easy to use application designed for your smart phone, tablet, or TV

–       Day and night flexibility with sensing and scheduling, such as having your hallway lights activate at 30% brightness at night time

–       When leaving the house, or going to bed simply push one button to turn off all non-essential power

–       Monitor and control your energy usage. Have the ability to programme to minimise energy wastage

–       Customise Wiser to work for you, your home and your family lifestyle

Start controlling your home with a Wiser Home Control solution and realise the benefits of streamlining your technology to work for you, from home or away.


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*Wiser Home Control is only available for major renovations or new builds.