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Styling your home like a pro with Jo Neal

It seems everywhere you look these days homes are the height of design, follow all the latest trends, and resemble gorgeous pristine show homes or homes you see in a magazine. Geometric shapes, vibrant colour, feature wallpaper – there are always so many hot or emerging trends out there!

We know your home is a living, breathing space, and it needs to suit you and your family.

So how can you create a designer nest which works for you and the style of your home? Jo gives us some great tips below:

Plan for success

I know you’re keen to get straight into your new build, renovation, or re-style, but first you need to ask yourself some key questions.

What kind of home do you have – is it a beautiful old villa, art deco, or a 1970’s weatherboard?

What features do you love about your home, which you might want to highlight?

What features would you love to change?

How will your lifestyle change over the next 5 years, and will that affect how you layout your home?

Time spent planning should save time, stress, and hopefully money down the track. There are so many research tools available these days – Pinterest, style magazines, renovation shows, showrooms – which can give you inspiration for the style you want that will suit your home and lifestyle.

A key when planning out spaces in your home is to ensure you’ve got the big stuff http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/antibiotics/ covered. Things like electrical, plumbing, and large coverage items like flooring need to be done right from the outset because they can be the most difficult things to change later on.

On Trend

The latest trends are a great way to update parts of your home; but don’t feel like you need to go big with them. Brights, patterns, all white and Scandi are examples of the latest trends that provide great style touches, but can overwhelm a home if overdone – or if your home doesn’t suit that particular style. You might also find that in a years time you’ll be wanting to change to the newest trend.

Try to match your style to your personality and the feel of your home and your style will never go out of fashion.

Making your house a home with the finishing touch

Some say that the most important part of styling are the little things. When styling try to mix old and new, textures, patterns and colours to give depth to a room. Create focal points with a mix of gloss and matt finishes, brighten that bay window you love with coloured cushions or accessories, and bring life to a space with a personal touch – family heirlooms or photographs.

If you love every item that’s in a room, and it’s been deliberately chosen, it will show in your finished product!

– Jo