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Electrical inspiration from Villa Renovations

The latest series of The Block NZ Villa Wars has shown New Zealander’s renovating older style homes can be challenging, but can also be done with style, while remaining true to the homes’ original charm and timeless features.

During kitchen week Jamie and Hayden’s electrical consultation with PDL by Schneider Electric’s Glenn Newman was aired, showing the range and variety consumers now have to choose from when selecting their new electrical finishes.

After being taken through all the switchgear ranges, Jamie and Hayden finally settled on the brushed metallic textures of Saturn Horizon, which complemented their sophisticated contemporary vision and the tones of black, grey and white used throughout their house. Fan favourites Cat and Jeremy also selected Saturn Horizon, showing that it can also complement a completely different interior style and colour palette.

The youngest team, trendy Sarah and Minanne with their Scandinavian minimalist flair appropriately chose the new award winning matte finish Saturn Zen range while Brooke and Mitch selected the elegant glass-like finish of Saturn Pure White to match their classic style.

Practicality and convenience go a long http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/arthritis/ way, and the simplest design innovations can often go unnoticed. Even the judges themselves didn’t realise the Saturn Zen light switch installed in Sarah and Minanne’s kids bedroom had a push-button dimmer, so they could control the level of light with the simple push of a button.  Sarah and Minanne also included the functional and practical Saturn Zen Smart Shelf.

Motion sensors were installed onto the stairs of Jamie and Hayden’s house which turn lights on automatically, Cat and Jeremy also used the same sensor to control a night light in their kids bedroom. USB charging outlets also feature in all the four houses, ensuring the homes are future proofed for their discerning new owners. The villas are located in a desirable suburb of Auckland and all fetched over 1.2 million dollars each on auction day.

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Note: Images above showing Saturn Zen, Saturn Horizon, and Saturn Pure White are indicative of what was used on this season of The Block NZ.