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New Zealand’s most universal USB charging mech

Adaptability + Efficiency + Performance = Perfect Charging Solution

Regardless of the project, from commercial offices, hotels and public spaces to residential homes, we have a USB charging solution to fit your needs.  The charger’s compact and modular design supports retrofit as well as new builds and can be fitted to multiple plate styles to match your choice.  Schneider Electric offers comprehensive USB charging solutions in the leading PDL and Clipsal ranges and with the quality and reliability you trust.



  • Modular design makes it easy to clip into a wide variety of plates in the PDL or Clipsal ranges
  • 10 interchangeable front fascia colours provides a seamless integration into existing offers
  • Can be simply fitted into existing installations with up to 3 chargers per plate
  • Easy installation as the compact size provides flexibility in tight wall spaces


  • Able to reduce overall system load and infrastructure by replacing standard sockets with USB chargers reducing overall load
  • Meets five-star energy ratings for efficiency with extremely low standby power (<0.07W)
  • Cable compensation allows optimized charging of your device


  • Provides up to 1.2amps charging of  leading brands of phones, tablets, cameras and eReaders
  • Inbuilt protection for surge, over-temperature and over-current occurrences
  • Certified to all relevant safety and EMC standards for New Zealand, meets BCS1.2 USB charging specification


Schneider Electric’s USB charging mechs can be added to wall http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/hair-loss/ plates with switches and dimmers present, they are perfect next to bedside tables around the home or in hotel rooms.  These versatile charging mechanisms can go anywhere, including schools, universities, airports and hospitals.

Up to three USB charging mechs can be inserted into each wall plate so you can charge multiple devices simultaneously.  The can be fitted into both standard and fire-rated wall boxes.

This USB charging mech is designed to fit into PDL and Clipsal wall plates, in both bracket and wall box environments.  With up to 1.2A of charge current available, it’s smart-charging technologies ensure devices can be charged at the maximum safe rate governed by the device.



Specification Description/Value
Supply voltage 230-240v AC, nominal
Supply frequency 50Hz
Output voltage 4.75-5.25V DC
Standby Power <0.07W
Application USB battery charger for portable USB devices
Input connections 2-wire polarized input includes screw-in terminal connector
RED-active/line; BLK-netural; lead length ~110mm


Options of 1 to 3 gang wall plates in 600 Series, 2000 Series, C2000 Series, Slimline Series, Modena, Strato, & Saturn Series. Or combined with single sockets outlets in all plate series except Saturn, including the option for up to two chargers and a single socket in 600 Series, 2000 Series, C2000 Series, and Slimline Series. As standard they come in white, with interchangeable fascia caps – 10 colour options in total