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Introducing the new Award Winning Saturn Zen™ Range!

We know that you appreciate unique design, which is why we think you’ll love our new Saturn Zen Wall Switches and Power Outlets. While designing the Saturn Zen range, our Pacific Design Lab had in mind the pure and modern lines carefully created by architects in todays modern home. The design intention was to create a switch that worked in harmony with contemporary architecture, and includes simple innovative advances to simplify living.

Beautiful simplicity
The button is designed perfectly flush to the surface of the plate, adjusted and precise, with an elegant pinhole to let just enough light shine through, which helps locate the switch in the dark.

LED-backlit pictograms
With our latest Saturn Zen range we have made it even easier to identify switches, with our pictograms – simple and stylish icons that depict what the switch activates. The subtle LED backlight shines just enough light through to see the pictogram icons in the dark and with 50 pictogram designs to pick from – you will know exactly what you are switching on. We found creative solutions to block the light, except within the icon. A nicely spread light illuminates the icons. This gave our engineers nightmares; we had to use ultra precise laser etching to remove a light-blocking layer of paint, and add a robust topcoat to protect from everyday use and UV discoloration. The result is absolutely stunning; the fine line produces enough light to allow you to find your switch – without keeping you awake at night.

For the digital world
We designed a shelf that incorporates USB chargers (also available as a twin power outlet), so you can sit two phones or a tablet straight onto the smart shelf, while it’s charging. It is neater, avoids wires and clutter and installed just above the level of the bedside table, it is high enough to be accessible. Features and benefits:

  • Matte black and white finishes with fingerprint resistance
  • Innovative ‘Smart Shelf’ option
  • LED push-buttons with optional pictogram icons
  • Blue LED indicators can be wired ‘permanently on’ or to indicate ‘on’/‘off’ status
  • Award winning design
  • C-Bus™ Saturn Zen switches are also available for home automation

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