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Making guests happy helps hotel owners boost their bottom line

The New Zealand Hotel Industry Conference 2015 was held on the 4th June at Auckland’s Langham Hotel, and Schneider Electric had some of their guestroom technologies and solutions on display. These solutions help ensure a level of comfort that fits guests’ expectations, and address energy efficiency outcomes within the guestroom environment. These solutions can be extended to create an efficient ecosystem within the entire building.

Pampering guests is a priority for hoteliers. Guests expect to be welcomed with a pleasing ambiance and efficient service, whether they are checking into a luxury resort or an economy hotel. A positive experience means that a guest will return. While guest satisfaction is the main goal, operating efficiency is a close second.

Showcased at the conference to New Zealand hotel owners and managers was a range of elegant switchgear to complement modern and existing hotel designs, including the award winning Saturn Zen range, which is coming to New Zealand soon. The enhanced Dynamic Labeling Technology (eDLT) – which eliminates the clutter of multiple wall switches, controlling an entire area from one functional unit was a popular talking point at the conference.

The new SE8000 touch-screen room controller was also on display at the conference. With rich, customisable features, the SE8000 Series enables significant energy savings with accurate temperature control in any space. Remote monitoring and control of HVAC, lighting, and metering systems allow hotel owners and managers to ensure their building is always operating at peak performance.

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