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Bluetooth technology now in standard light switches!

Dip your toes into the water of smart home technology with the PDL Iconic range of standard switches with Bluetooth Low Energy mechanisms. This combination gives you simplified lighting control in your home, and it’s all done from the Wiser Room App on your smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth.

Your bathroom will also be able to go “next-level” with 24-hour PDL Iconic timers, so your heated towel rail can be turned off automatically. Simply schedule for days of the week, weekends or even seasons, then let PDL Iconic technology do the rest! It’s also nice to know that you can start large or small, as you’ll be able to expand your system, simply by adding more PDL Iconic Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mechanisms to these extra switches, at a later date.

PDL Iconic BLE mechanisms
Simple configuration and control for lights, dimmers, or timers via the Wiser Room App on your phone or tablet. 24-hour timers, and 24-hour, 7 day scheduling time clocks program power to turn on at a time during the week and another on weekends e.g for your heated towel rail in winter.

Wiser Room App
Allows lights to be turned on or off from your phone. You can easily pre-set timers and schedules that automatically adjust for seasonal sunrise and sunset tracking.

PDL Iconic Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Switches, dimmers, and timers connect or pair point-to-point. There is no need for a router or hub or any special wiring. Connect with the PDL Wiser Home app on your smart phone or tablet to set-up or control these devices. Or simply press the button on the switch to activate