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PDL Iconic™ – go beyond switches and sockets

In today’s digital world we are constantly looking for products which can create efficiencies and make life that little bit easier. With the PDL Iconic range there are solutions which can do just that.

Innovative new products in the PDL Iconic range

PDL Iconic Night Walk Sensor Light
PDL Iconic’s innovative Night Walk is a must have. The Night Walk is a night light sensor with a warm soft white glow. When movement is detected at night, an integrated LED lamp illuminates the darkness, guiding the way without disturbing others. The PDL Night Walk is a great addition for your children’s bedroom and for the hallways. It’s easy to install, simply remove your standard cover plate (skin) take the Night Walk cover and plug it into a standard PDL Iconic horizontal double socket.

USB Smart Shelf for faster charging
The PDL Iconic USB shelf can charge 3 devices at once and can hold a tablet or two phones keeping devices out of the way whilst charging. The USB shelf is ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, and family areas.

For more information check out the discover section in PDL Iconic