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Introducing PDL Iconic™ Collection – clever efficiency

The new standard
From a complete range of single and multiple light switches and power outlets, to electronic accessories and network connectivity, PDL Iconic™ is the perfect choice for any home. Its sleek, modern design complements any interior with clean looks and clever efficiency.

Customise your look
It’s now even easier to make your personal touches in all areas of your home. The new PDL Iconic™ range includes changeable covers, pictograms and LED options to enhance functionality, aesthetic appeal and usability. The changeable skins come in four colours designed to work with most wall colours making it simple to match your style. Pictograms switches make it straight forward to identify what each switch function does. Optional warm white LEDs can be set as indicators or locators making it easy to find switches in a darkened room.

Clever features
The PDL Iconic™ range is packed with clever and functional features including translucent edges, protective flaps and innovative technology. Modern, elegant design infuses wall colour through translucent edges for perfect symmetry with surrounding wall décor. Based on a sleek, clean design with a slim matt finish that blends in perfectly with any environment. Internal protective flaps ensure the outlets are safe when closed, allowing the cover plates to be changed safely at any time.

With more exciting innovations to come PDL Iconic™ is setting a new standard in light switches and power outlets.

For more information click here or book an appointment at our Vision Studio showroom to view the new range by calling 0800 568 888.