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What important aspect do most people forget when planning a new kitchen or renovation?

Dreaming and planning for your new kitchen is an exciting time. Along with layouts, benchtops, splashbacks, tapware and appliances there are so many decisions to make and options to consider, but what is one important thing that most people don’t contemplate?

Their electrical layout. 
Once you have a basic framework for your kitchen and you are considering the functionality and ergonomics of the space, remember to consider all the appliances you use on a day-to-day basis, and where would be the best and safest places to have power available and easily accessible.

Where are you going to place your toaster and kettle?
It makes sense to at least have a double power outlet located nearby. Do you have a smoothie or coffee machine that you use every day as well?  Well perhaps a quad outlet would be better – so you are not having to plug in and pull out your appliances on a regular basis, or even worse have an unsightly multi-box sitting on your beautiful new kitchen bench.

Do you often like to use or charge your smart devices in the kitchen?
Whether it’s looking up recipes or keeping in touch with your teenagers, having a USB charging outlet in your new kitchen area will not only make it simpler and tidier to charge, but also helps to future-proof your new design.

Do you want the lights to turn on and off automatically http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/allergy/ when you go into your pantry or scullery?
We normally have our hands full of food items or dishes when we are entering these spaces, so not having to worry about turning lights on and off is a simple and easy way to add a bit of automation into your design. Sensors are an easy way to do this, and will also help to ensure the lights are only on when required – hopefully saving you power.

What lighting options do you want in this space?
Do you want warm white or cool white lighting?  Do you want energy efficient LED lighting?  If you are considering LED lighting talk to your electrician about whether you need new dimmers that are compatible with LED lighting.

Are you planning on having an island bench?
Will you want to be able to use appliances at this station? Consider safe locations for power outlets so that you are not having to run cables across to the island. Pop-up power outlets are a convenient and safe solution ideal for island benches.

What style of switch do you like?
PDL by Schneider Electric have a wide range of switch options to choose from. If you are planning a timeless sophisticated kitchen, then Saturn Glass in Pure White or Ocean Mist is a popular choice. With the glass-look finish it’s an easy clean and hardwearing option – perfect for busy kitchens.