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Superhome movement gains momentum

As New Zealanders seek guidance to build healthier homes for the future, the ‘Superhome Movement’ is gathering the very best learnings, products and expertise to help home owners achieve it.

Following the success of a launch in Christchurch just over 12 months ago, Schneider Electric were proud to attend the Wellington event and host the Auckland launch event in October at our head office in Highbrook, Auckland.

Superhome Movement founders Martin Reilly and Bob Burnett provided the audience with insights into the successes to date, plus key learnings that are benefiting future projects. The message is clear: that New Zealander’s are acting and implementing change to make their homes healthier and more efficient.

Since its inception, over 2500 people have joined in ‘The Exemplar homes tour’ to be toured through seven innovative and sustainable Christchurch homes.  It’s clear, http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/gastrointestinal/ home owners are wanting to find ways to create homes that will live better, be loved more, use less energy, be affordable and last longer.

In 2015, Schneider Electric were part of the project in the building of New Zealand’s first 10 star rated home. Using a number of our standard electrical items in innovative ways, helped to achieve a Superhome status.

An example of this is the use of a daylight sensor. It operates some of the homes appliances to ensure they are only operating at certain times of day. With being part of this it is evident that homes that are 6 or 7 stars will make for considerably healthier homes, and are likely to run with very low energy bills, a better result for everyone.

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