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Teams visit Auckland’s new Vision Studio

This year  saw teams Dyls/Dylz and Nikki/Tiff meet Amy our home solutions consultant in our new Auckland Vision Studio Showroom to decide on their electrical options throughout their homes.

The boys loved the negative detail of the design award winning Saturn Zen range, and decided to go with the “sexy” Zen in matt black to make a statement and work in with their black feature pendant lighting. Saturn Zen with pictogram switches are featured throughout their home, along with USB charging outlets to ensure the home is ideal for modern living.

Whilst having a completely different design for their home the girls Nikki and Tiff loved the simplicity and elegance of Zen in matt white. After being introduced to our new Bluetooth Home Audio kits on the day by Amy, the girls decided to install them in their winning bathroom, so they could enjoy a nice hot soak in the bath with music – an idea we loved!

517A5702The teams were also taken through the options http://imagineear.com/pharmacy/ around home energy efficiency, including using indoor sensors and eco-mind energy monitors.

Rob from our team has been kindly assisting the teams and their electricians during the series, and makes some guest appearances on the show – including the day he took his daughter Jessica on-site. After being questioned by Nikki on her favourite team, Jessica replied honestly with “Sam and Emmett” to the chagrin of her father Rob!

Lessons learned by the girls

As Judge Fiona McLeod pointed out to Emma and Courtney, switch colour and placement is really important when considering aesthetics and functionality of a room or space.

A switch should be in a location that is easy to find and reach, especially in the dark.

13474972_1034627273251893_4322016569952633289_o (1)The girls however nailed the placement of their USB outlets in their guest room, just by the bedside table for easy and practical access.

Talk to your designer or electrician about the best locations for your switches and power outlets when you are planning your project.